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Konversation Trojan -> <- Hans

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1 Konversation Trojan -> <- Hans am Mo Jan 21 2013, 21:38


Hallo Jungs,

ich wollte Euch nicht die Korrespondenz vorenthalten, die ich heute mit Trojan hatte bzgl. des andern Geschwaders, welches sich auch Jg 26 nennt...

Bitte NICHT mein Englisch beurteilen, es war grausam gestern Nacht, ich kam irgendwie nicht auf den Punkt Embarassed

Mein einleitender Post:

Hello my old friend Smile

First i wanna say how glad i am to see you back in WT !!

I saw you back in TS aswell as in the forums... i think, i speak for everyone of the older testers how good to see you back

Sadly i have a business to discuss with you, i posted you this issue a while ago, but maybe you hadnt time to answer... in your absence, i tried to contact Zakzak also regarding this problem, but i didnt got a reply from him and dont know, whether he was the right man to ask ??

To make it easy, i just copy and paste my 2 letters on him to you...

@Trojan: i know, you are busy and this is stupid stuff, but i would like to avoid any trouble between both squadrons and second, if one of the squadrons would better look for another name, they have to do it NOW before all iconic names are given away !!

So plsplspls, take you the time to read through it (it is not so much as ot looks like^^) and consider what we can do

manymany thanks old friend


Hello Zakzak

I have a serious business to discuss with you, tried to to do this with Trojan before, but he resigned in the meantime and didnt answered anymore... sadly cuz we had a very good contact to each other, also in the TS

The issue goes around the ingame Squadron Names and i would like to know, how Gajin will handle this stuff in the future:

1. Are Squadrons with the same iconic Name possible in the future ? Or is just a slight difference enough that the Game will accept both ?

2. If not, will the Forum Admins have a look on this issue and decides which squadron can use a given name, when 2 different ones wants to use the same one ?

3. Again if yes, after which rules this decision gets handled ?

4. Are "veteran" Closed Beta Squadrons be protected by Gajin so noone can take the Name away ?

It am asking all this because i am the Squadron-Commodore of the GERMAN-SPEAKING Jg 26 "Schlageter" and a Closed Beta Tester Veteran... i founded this Squadron to give all Geman speaking Pilots a home, cuz at this date, there was no german one...
I choosed a Squadron Name, which seemed to be unused and we are doing well and growing since then !!

Now a second INTERNATIONAL Jg 26 showed suddenly up in the forum... a quick look on the date showed me that they announced it on the first look much earlier (one year earlier) than we, but at the time of our foundation, there were no sign of any other Jg 26 ingame, nowhere !!

Now i gave their thread a second look and learned that they are an old WWII-Online squadron, which annonced around 25. oct 2011, that they are looking after Warthunder...
They had initially 5 pages of posts in the first few days after announcation, but then everything stopped and neither did they play and test WT nor did they made any more posts into this thread nor anaywhere else in the forum !! In fact, they announced their "foundation", didnt played WT for more than a year, kept playing in the meantime their WWII Online Game for nearly a year... and now, when they finally decides to try WT out, they expects the Squadron Name is still "theirs" !!
Only up to now, when Warthunder grows bigger and looks better, they seems to give WT a second look and now they are claiming again, they will come over here and claiming, that they are the "True" and first Jg 26 !!

And this is where i have my problems and would appreciate to get answers how this could get handled:

- is an older squadron, which comes from another game, playing the whole time this other game, didnt gave a shit about WT, didnt helped the Devs with testing and hints

more worthy than

- a pure WT-squadron, which consists only out of ACTIVE and VETERAN WT-TESTERS, which formed up here for the only purpose of flying WT and helped with the development of WT with countless posts and suggestions and ideas for improvements or just giving valuable feedback, this in a game which looked much worser than WT looks now, meanwhile the other squadron enjoys the ready other game ??

And this for the only reason, that this other squadron made their "claim" more than one year ago here in the forums and then vanished completly ?? Or has a pure and active WT-squadron the older rights for this name ??

I am asking this, because one of them posted me in the meantime, claiming that they were the first ones and "true" ones... for me, i dont give a shit whether we have 2 or 3 or 20 Jg 26s in the game !!
But i cant accept, that opening a thread when this forums started, than vanishing from this game, playing in the meantime the other game, and then coming back, when WT went Open Beta, gives them the rights to reserve the Squadron Name for them !!

Pls understand my feelings:
- i founded a Squadron
- there was NO sign of another squadron with this name neither ingame nor in the forums
- none of their squadron members showed up in the game, noone saw them in battles or in the official TS

- none of them claimed at our foundation, that they are already here, cuz noone noticed this, cuz noone of them was here to watch our foundation
- our Squadron makes themself a name in the game, so did some of our pilots

- and out of a sudden this other squadron decides to come back to WT and claims now the name

Many thanks


Hello Zakzak again Smile

I know, you are a busy man, but we all (the pilots of both squadrons) are eagerly awaiting a comment from you or anyone else from the Gajin Stuff regarding this subject !!

Cuz more and more Pilots are joining now the game, and when Gajin decides that one of the both Squadrons has to change their name, we have to do it NOW before every possible Squadron Names are given away !!

Both Squadrons wants to fly under a iconic name and it would be unfair to both, if one of them had to use one day a fantasy name cuz every other ones are not longer accesable...

For the reason, you may understand the feelings of "our" Squadron to have at minimum the same rights for existence as the other squadron cuz we are the one flying, playing and most of all testing WT and giving valuable feedback since many months, i want to give you a list of our enlisted pilots with their ingame player level, flying hours, forum posts and their forum reputation, so you can see that we arent "nobodys" in this game:

Hans_J_Marseille - Squadron Commander - LvL 35 - 310 Flying Hours ingame - 710 forum posts - 427 Reputation - Member since 15.03.2012

Jg26_Ju87_5tuk4 - LvL 27 - 280 Flying Hours ingame - 562 Posts - 241 Reputation - Member since 11.04.2012

Jg26_Onkelwoody - LvL 20 - 230 Flying Hours ingame - 175 Posts - 57 reputation - Member since 15.08.2012

Jg26_Hellblazer - LvL 10 - 100 Flying Hours ingame - 390 posts - 144 Reputation - Member since 11.06.2012

Jg26_Iceman - LvL 11 - 90 Flying Hours - Member since August 2012

Jg26_Gizzmo - LvL 16 - 89 Flying Hours - 49 Posts - 5 Reputation - member since 18.07.2012

Jg26_Venom - LvL 16 - 128 Flying Hours - Member since 10.10.2012

Jg26_Shardur - LvL 16 - 130 Flying Hours - 151 Flying Hours - 49 reputation - Member since 18.08.2012

Jg26_Viking37 - LvL 29 - 107 Flying Hours - Member since 22.04.2012

Jg26_Korick - LvL 11 - 41 Flying Hours

Jg26_DaAlf1 - LvL 8 - 48 Flying Hours

Jg26_wolf310 - LvL 11 - 72 Flying Hours

Jg26_25Xerum - LvL - 57 Flying Hours

Jg26_fambaa - LvL 18 - 171 Flying Hours - 267 Posts - 128 Reputation - Member since 12.09.2012

Jg26_H_P_Lacey - LvL 2 - 10 Flying Hours

Pls Zakzak, we need atleast a reply on this issue as quick as possible before maybe a "war" would start between both communitys

many thanks again

P.S.: i provided a copy of both posts also to Trojan cuz he looks to be back again

Antwort von Trojan:


zakzak dosent work for Gaijin anymore, so ill deal with this myself, ill send you post to the producer pavel kulikov and let him read it, he will be the guy to make the final decision anyway on such matters.

ill get back to you and let you know what he say s



Meine Replik:

wow...this was fast mate :p

So thanks for the VERY quick answer and first good to see you are in charge again and second that Gajin will take over such an issue cuz this will for sure happen more often in the future and it will be good then, when we have clear rules regarding such stuff

Bye mate and hope to see you in the skys soon [:salute:]

Antwort von Trojan:

yer i agree, it can cause trouble with multiple sqns using the same name, ive just sent ur letters to pavel, and ill also send them to kirill the joint ceo of the company, as this needs to be sorted out .

weiterer Post von Trojan:

[12:14:17] *** nick sent sqn names concerns.txt ***
[12:15:09] nick: a pm i had from a sqn leader on the EU forums, about sqn names and others being able to use the same name etc, he is asking if the names are going to be protected so other people cant use the same name etc
[12:22:09] nick: i think this is a valid point actually pavel, as some sqns that have come over from aces high, and fighter ace etc, have had their sqn names for 10 -15 years
[12:22:51] nick: and it would be un fair on them if some guy copys their sqn names and causes hassle or abuse, then the origional sqn will be blamed for any hassle, and will lose their reputation
[12:23:18] Pavel Kulikov: absolutely agree

Antwort von mir:

Thx mate...but what does this means in our situation?

Cuz regarding "our" squadron , WE are the one founded here in WT only and the OTHER squadron coming now over from WWII online....

So does this mean, WE have to change our squadron name ?? I would see this unfair, cuz we were present here the whole time, whilst the other squadron was absent and now coming slowly over...and noone knows, whether they will stay ?!

And ofc we didnt captured "their" name, cuz at the time of our foundation, no other Jg 26 was showing up

So you have to see, up to now, the other Jg26 was just a "fictive" squadron, which announced one day that they are looking at WT, but never did like this...up to now !!

And our Jg26 was the "active" one, but i admit, "officially" we were much later founded...and btw. we are present with an own Channel in the official Teamspeak

So i admit, this is really a difficult question cuz you can find arguments for both standpoints Sad(

weiterer Post:

You see, this is a complex issue in our special case and i will try to sort this out for you:

25. Oct. 2011: Jg26 "Schlageter" "The Abbeyville Kids" are claiming this squadron name in the WT-forums

02.Nov.2011: after one week of pushing this thread with posting 5 pages in 7 days, noone heard a word from this squadron for nearly more than a year

Nov. 2011 - Dec. 2012: No member of this Squadron are flying and testing WT, they all went back to WWII online, playing this the whe whole time


March 2012: Me and many other fellows tested and played this game since March

March 2012 - Oct 2012: When some of us, who were playing together the whole time, discussing in the official WT-TS the hot topics decided to form up with the multinational Jg 2, some of us are deciding that a german-speaking Squadron fits better to our likings !!

Nov 2012: So we decided to form up the german-speaking Jg26, so we can play further together under a new squadron tag !! At this date, NOONE of us never noticed that there was ANOTHER Jg26, which announced them more than a year ago, cuz there were neither one of them playing WT, being in official TS nor was their Announcement-Thread anywhere to see: it vanished in the forums-depths !!

So we ALL thought, we were the one and only, the "true" Jg26, until Phenom from Jg2 told me, that there was another Jg26 still playing WWII online, which maybe coming over to WT at anytime... but noone knew about them here anymore

So now comes again the questions:

1. yeah, i admit, "officially" they had announced them earlier but this was just said in the forums, they didnt filled their announcement with life, neither ingame nor later in the forums

2. i admit again, they builded up a reputation in WWII online

3. BUT we had builded up a reputation here in WT in the meantime, when they were still playing WWII online... the people here in WT knows OUR names, when they think about Jg 26

4. Noone didnt knew whether they would come over !! Even now, you dont know whether they will stay or not !! But we WILL stay, cuz we are a PURE WT-squadron

5. If you decides that WE have to change the name, and i admit, there are also reasons for this decision cuz i see the long tradition of the other squadron... which hame we should use then ???

6. No matter which name we would choose, there would be EVERYTIME squadrons outside WT which have a longer tradition for this name, and what happens then, when they wants to come over ???

You see, a VERY complex topic...sorry to hurt you with that

Letzte Antwort von Trojan:

were going to protect the sqn names that are posted and most active in the sqn ready room, pavel and i agree they need to be protected, so just keep your sqn thread alive.

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